Percepio’s core competences, embedded software and information visualization, offer a rare combination that has resulted in the amazing and unique Tracealyzer technology, which lets you look inside the run-time system in a new way. The intuitive visualization makes it easy for developers to understand, troubleshoot, and optimize the software.

Percepio's Tracealyzer products give an unprecedented level of insight into the run-time world of embedded software. This allows you to solve complex software problems in a fraction of the time otherwise needed, develop more robust designs to prevent future problems, and find new ways to improve your software’s performance.

Percepio AB was founded in 2009 based on academic research in collaboration with VxWorks system developers. In the last years, Percepio has established a significant number of international partners and supports several leading embedded software platforms, including VxWorks and Linux.

Percepio AB is based in Västerås, Sweden.